Exchanging Your Week

Becoming a member of an exchange company can be a very rewarding experience, but only if you understand how to get the best from the system.  The message from the exchange companies is that you should plan your holiday as early as possible and place your week into the system as quickly as you can.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

As Coylumbridge is a Hilton resort, owners have the opportunity to become members of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club, a holiday exchange programme which offers a wide range of travel and accommodation options, as well as additional travel benefits. Club members can enjoy access to over 5000 properties within the Hilton portfolio of brands, around 4000 exchange opportunities across the globe and a variety of adventure and cruise travel options.

For information on joining, please contact Sue Smith:

Email:  sue.smith@hgv.com

Mobile 07570 949795

For more information please visit Hilton Grand Vacations Club

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